Litigation Finance

Litigation Finance

ULP can source Litigation Finance (loans ranging from £50,000 up to £1,000,000) for meritorious commercial legal disputes against credit-worthy Opponents, provided that: 

1. The amount of damages claimed comfortably exceeds the amount of finance required 


2. You are able to put up adequate security. 

What do we mean by adequate security? 

In addition to gauging the strength of your litigation and its likely proceeds, plus whether finance protection insurance will be available to you, Lenders will expect a charge over one or more of: 

  • A property (unlikely if the property is your principal private residence) 
  • A debtor book 
  • An investment account 
  • Any other adequate company owned or personal asset 
  • A personal guarantee. 

Litigation Finance significantly reduces the ongoing commitment needed to pay your Solicitor’s fees and disbursements throughout the legal dispute and you can make an application for Finance at any point during the legal dispute.  

Litigation Finance and Litigation Funding are often confused. Finance is a loan made on a ‘recourse’ basis, meaning that the loan capital and interest will be repayable regardless as to the outcome of your litigation. Litigation Funding is where a Funder takes a stake in your litigation and is paid out of your winnings only if the litigation is successful and the proceeds are sufficient; if the litigation loses then the Funder has to write off their investment and there is nothing to repay.

How ULP Can Help?

We have over 15 years’ experience arranging Finance or Funding for litigants and will use our expertise to ensure that your case is presented to the most appropriate Lenders and in the most positive manner to ensure that you the have the best chance of getting finance offers. 

We will manage your expectations by keeping you fully informed during the process and if necessary can explore alternative options for you. 

We can arrange any supporting insurances that are required by the Lenders, or that you require.

Apply for Litigation Finance

Before making an application for Finance, please take our take our 8-point Checklist.


Frequently Asked questions

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