‘…there are only two types of companies; those that have been hacked and those that will be…

ULP have solutions available for businesses of all types and sizes seeking protection from hackers and IT violations. ULP offers two main types of policy and it is important to understand the different elements of cover that each policy provides:

ULP can arrange Crime & Cyber Theft

Crime & Cyber Theft provides vital protection against loss of assets, money and funds held in a bank account, either by IT theft or a more conventional theft.

ULP can also arrange Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability covers losses relating to the damage to, or loss of information from, IT systems and networks. This could be the rectification costs of reconstructing your IT system, assistance in respect of statutory breaches following theft of confidential data, allegations made against you regarding the transmission of computer viruses to third parties etc. Cover usually includes public relation costs to mitigate reputational damage to your business and can also include business interruption costs.

There is often a crucial ‘breach response’ element included, which provides an emergency number with first hand, specialist advice on how to manage an incident.


Crime and Cyber Liabilities are emerging products and are relatively new and evolving. The scope of cover differs enormously between the two products and between Insurers and the policy wordings. It is vital that you have the right cover to fit your requirements. With our experience and expertise, ULP are able to tailor insurance solutions for your specific needs.

If you are interested in finding out how Crime & Cyber Theft and Cyber Liability can protect your business, please contact us for an informal discussion.


ULP have developed a bespoke solution for Solicitor Firms which enable you to protect your own assets and funds held in your Client Account. Whilst there is cover available under your Professional Indemnity Insurance for Funds held in a Client Account (i.e. third party losses), there is no protection available for your own money (first party losses). 


Litigation Funding can be complicated and time-consuming to arrange. ULP are experienced Litigation Funding Brokers who will ensure that the process is streamlined.

Stage 1

Complete and submit the Proposal Form, indicating the amount of cover required on the cost matrix provided within Section 1 of the Form.

Stage 2

We will supply a formal Quotation for your consideration along with our Terms of Business Agreement.

Stage 3

Accept the offer and proceed with cover.

Stage 4

Cover will be confirmed with the Insurer and an Invoice forwarded to you for premium payment.


If you are a Solicitor seeking Crime and Cyber Theft Insurance for your Firm and would like ULP to source you quotes please complete the Application Form and return it back to us.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. But if your question is not listed, do call or email us.

No.  Cyber Liability policies vary in the scope of cover provided but they are generally geared to cover the rectification costs of reconstituting your IT System following a violation.  Cyber Liability can also provide cover for Data Breach/Privacy Liabilities, your Legal Liability relating to the transmission of viruses and associated Public Relation mitigation costs.

Cyber Liability does not usually cover the financial loss of Monies and/or Funds unless there is a specific Crime extension.

Yes. Cover is provided for theft of the Firm’s assets by both external parties and by employees, or a combination of both.  However, cover does not apply in respect of theft by, or including, an Equity Partner/Director with a 20% or more shareholding in the Firm.

There are many examples available but the following outlines a typical claim example:

A solicitor received an email appearing to be from a genuine sender and opened an attachment in the email.

The following day, the solicitor tried to access the Firm’s Office Account online. The log in process appeared different, but she proceeded anyway. The log in was rejected and almost immediately she received a call from someone claiming to work for the Bank, offering help. The person said the Bank had noticed she was having difficulty logging in. The lawyer was asked to enter her username and certain characters of her PIN and password. After several attempts, the caller advised the account had been locked temporarily.

On contacting her Bank a few days later, the Bank denied making the telephone call. Further enquiries revealed that the majority of the Office Account’s balance had been transferred abroad to an overseas Bank.

The Bank told her it would be unable to retrieve the funds or accept liability as she had failed to safeguard the Firm’s online log in details.

One of the biggest risks to your Firm is your staff, not because they are malicious or have intent to defraud you but because they are human.  With fraudsters becoming much more sophisticated it is impossible to be warned or prepared for each individual scam or threat.  In fact, some of the most prolific losses have arisen as a result of senior employees being duped.

Firms, no matter how big or small, are a Fraud target and Crime Cover should be seriously considered to ensure the Firm’s  Assets are protected.