Litigation Consultancy Service


ULP’s litigation consultancy service is new and trailblazing – it is revolutionary for both litigants and Solicitors. You can now make an informed decision about how best to manage the costs and risks of litigation using different combinations of solicitor and client retainer, litigation funding, finance and insurance.

We help claimants (both individuals and businesses) with non-injury or non-family litigation disputes and their Solicitors compare all the cost and risk options available to support the litigation.

Our litigation consulting service avoids the need for your Solicitor to explore (sometimes at significant cost to you) the funding, finance and insurance markets at the outset, when all that is really needed at that stage is an indication of what the respective markets are likely to offer – and at what cost.

Please click on the image above to download our Brochure – it should contain just about everything you need to know and understand as to how we can help you.

What we provide is a Cost Benefit Analysis Report; we also offer a follow-up consultation.

Our Route Map can help litigants determine their attitude to cost, risk and reward


We provide a Cost Benefit Analysis Consulting Report (typically between 10 and 13 pages long) which includes easy-to-compare tables with at least 30 different settlement scenarios setting out the different options available. The Report demonstrates not only how much money you are likely to keep from your recovered damages in the event that you win your claim against your Opponent at different stages in the process, but also – importantly – how much money it could cost you if you were to lose.


Our Application is a very brief and simple one-page Form. It can be printed and hand written or filled using Adobe Reader. Please note that our Consultancy Service is available only to claimants.


We charge £250 (no VAT) to produce a Cost Benefit Analysis Report.

We offer a follow-up telephone consultation so if, after receiving and studying it, you would like to vary any of the input figures or challenge any of the variables, please get in touch. If, however, you require a more in-depth discussion as to the findings, we do reserve the right to charge an additional fee. 



We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers. But if your question is not listed, do call or email us.